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Pendekar Paul De Thouars († September 10th 2013) is one of the more accomplished martial artists of our time.

He has spent most of his life training in Pukulan Pentjak Silat Serak which he initially learned from the late Guru John De Vries.

In the mid 1980’s, Pendekar Paul introduced the art of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara as a means of sharing his knowledge of silat without breaking his promise to his teacher.

Pendekar Paul De Thouars has directly or indirectly had a major influence on practitioners of silat globally as well as other martial arts. 

The PDT Academy was set up to uphold the teachings of Paul De Thouars for future generations.



Bukti Negara is a highly refined pukulan based fighting system which was born out of decades and decades training, and practical street fighting experience.

This system is comprised of elements from Pukulan Pentjak Silat Serak.

Bukti Negara is a close quarters combat system designed for multiple opponents which utilizes, internal and external body physics, angulation, third dimensional geometry, devastating strikes and unmatched footwork along with deep understandings of internal energies and power generation.  All of these basics are required in order to find the perfection in Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara. Pendekar Pauls’ lifetime experiences in fighting and teaching has allowed him to develop this unique martial art into a true martial science.

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